*October Special City Raid Event*

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*October Special City Raid Event*

Post by Dessy on Fri Oct 05, 2018 9:03 am

October Special Challenge

4 city raids this month, with events planned for every week as usual. Raid #1 and #4 will both be bigger raffles (lottery) with some nice legendary/mythical skill items. The 2 weeks in between will be epic items, most likely one random week and one Top X + random.

For anyone that feels like going a bit crazy this month… there will be an extra prize draw at the end of the month again =)  
The extra prize(s) will be randommed between everyone  that sets a new personal top score this month (also known as personal best).
Out of the 4 raids, this would be the easiest to achieve on one of the last 2 as the special heroes will bring back triple loot on those.

The winner will get to choose one legendary item as their prize, choice between various magic chest (skill) items:
-Legendary lvl 38 Skull Stompers (boots, 2900 power, Crush)
-Legendary lvl 38 Shadow Lurker (vest, 2900 power, Gangster I)
-Legendary lvl 38 Gaia’s Fortress (armor, 2900 power, Commander I)
-*new*Legendary lvl 37 Panacea  (remedy, 2800 power, Healer I)

…And 1 extra winner will be drawn for every 5 players that manage to improve their top score.
Same prize choice, with exception of the item(s) the winner(s) before you picked.

To qualify for this extra draw, the personal top score you'd have to improve:

Players that improved their topscore so far:
-Matze set a new record with 4537 artifacts
-Squark set a new record with 10123 artifacts
-LunaticX set a new record with 3150 artifacts
-Maharilya set a new record with 2484 artifacts

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