City Raid Event Info: 25-27 January (Raffle)

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City Raid Event Info: 25-27 January (Raffle)

Post by Dessy on Sun Jan 13, 2019 6:24 am

City Raid: Howling Mountain (Lycan Slayer blueprint)
Triple (!) Loot Heroes: Clovis, Kurul & Palash

Event Style: Raffle
Standard City Raffle (Lottery), every 500 points = 1 ticket. (Fair share+ req. as always)
(check our website, below the city info for a detailed explanation of how raffles in the city work)

Prize pool:
-?x various legendary quality items
-?x Mythical lvl 17 Lunarod (3500power, Healer I), 1 rod added to the prizepool for every 2 endless stages completed (thanks to Illatoriach!)

Old rewards still unclaimed:

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