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Post by Dessy on Fri Dec 15, 2017 3:59 am

Things I can help with and always fill quickly when I see city requests up for them:
-Quest Materials: All materials with exception of gaia shards & primal horns
Don't hesitate to spam city requests for them, I'm also fine with players selling them for extra gold.

-Crafting: I have all of the common blueprints. All wood, leather, iron & gold bp's. (only a few higher chest bp's)
As long as it doesn’t require fusion I fill items quickly (I craft at good base quality).
If an item requested requires a flawless precraft, I may ask you to provide it.

-If anyone is looking for gear for their heroes, I also have quite a lot of flawless quality items in my storage. Just let me know what item lvl & type you're looking for and I'll see what I can offer =)
-I run the missions for gaia shards & horns occasionally atm, so I can fill a few requests for those every week as well.
First come, first served basis for those. I'll fill them when I can spare them: if your request goes unanswered for a day… just switch to a lower material, sell those & buy the higher ones.

and I'm often destroying good(/great) quality items when I'm making flawless precrafts.
Currently that's the following items:
-Good quality: Shredder (lvl 33), Impalers (32), Coldfire dust (31), Wisdom Ring (27), Ygg flutes (lvl 26), Power Ring (23), Alchemist Gloves (22), Undead Ring (21).
-Great quality: War Gavel (17), Plated Leather (18), Hawk (16), Jagged Gauntlets (15)
(Just ask for maximum amounts if you'd want them, I'll usually fill them within a day)

I do try to fill other requests not listed here as well of course, just not quickly or in large amounts.

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