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Post by Dessy on Fri Dec 15, 2017 3:59 am

Things I can help with and always fill quickly when I see city requests up for them:
-Quest Materials: All materials with exception of gaia shards & primal horns
Don't hesitate to spam city requests for them, I'm also fine with players selling them for extra gold.

-Crafting: I have all of the common blueprints. All wood, leather, iron & gold bp's. (only a few higher chest bp's)
As long as it doesn’t require fusion I fill items quickly (I craft at good base quality).
If an item requested requires a flawless precraft, I may ask you to provide it.

-If anyone is looking for gear for their heroes, I also have quite a lot of flawless quality items in my storage. Just let me know what item lvl & type you're looking for and I'll see what I can offer =)
-I also run the missions for gaia shards & horns occasionally, so I can fill some requests for those as well.
First come, first served basis for those. I'll fill them when I can spare them: if your request goes unanswered for a day… just switch to a lower material, sell those & buy the higher ones.

and I'm often destroying good(/great) quality items when I'm making flawless precrafts.
Currently that's the following items:
-Good quality: Shredder (lvl 33), Mercurial (33), Impalers (32), Coldfire dust (31), Life Potion (31), Wisdom Ring (27), Ygg flutes (lvl 26), Power Ring (23), Alchemist Gloves (22), Undead Ring (21).
-Great quality: Pulverizer (35), Coldfire dust (31), War Gavel (17), Plated Leather (18), Hawk (16), Jagged Gauntlets (15)
(Just ask for maximum amounts if you'd want them, I'll usually fill them within a day)

I do try to fill other requests not listed here as well of course, just not quickly or in large amounts.

Current Need Before Greed Specials:
Last but not least, I also have several lower skill legendaries in my storage atm. If anyone would consider these an upgrade for their heroes and could use them in their build, just city request them. Free to a good home:
-3x Legendary lvl 21 Aegis (Shield, Amazon I)
-2x Legendary lvl 19 Paladin's Helm (Protector I)
-1x Legendary lvl 19 Mage Robe (Arch Wizard I)
-2x Legendary lvl 18 Shadowed Gloves (Gangster I)
-1x Legendary lvl 12 Seeking Tip (Spear, Treasure Hunter I)
-1x Legendary lvl 9 Venemous Hands (Gloves, Backstab I)
-1x Legendary lvl 8 Protector (Shield, Protector I)

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