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City Raid Event Info: 15-17 december

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City Raid Event Info: 15-17 december Empty City Raid Event Info: 15-17 december

Post by Dessy on Fri Dec 15, 2017 1:51 am

This week we have a pretty amazing prizepool, with 2 neighbours adding in extra raid rewards =)

-Zarus is giving away a mythical argus shield & mythical gold stitch (vest) this weekend.
He'd like them to go to players that would consider them an actual upgrade for their heroes (need before greed), so if you already have better, please have the courtesy to pass and let me know.
Both items will be given out randomly, raid fair share+ for a chance at one of these amazing 4000+ power items.

-Kiwi is giving away 3 epics: a bow of light, a spider (bow) & an impaler.
He'd like them to go to whoever can improve their personal topscore this week (topscores can be found on our website in the raid section). If no one sets a new record, they'll be given out at random for those above fair share.

-I'm randomming away 5 epic lvl 45 azure boots this weekend, fair share+ for a chance.
In case a winner can't put up a city request because they are below lvl 40 and haven't unlocked/come across them yet, I will provide a similar value alternative.

The next few weeks:
Zarus has also announced that he will be giving away 2 mythical golden strings next week, and 5 legendary Lovestrucks as a grand finale for a happy NY. So anyone that would not consider those an upgrade, please let me know as well.

Illatoriach & I will be passing on all extra raid rewards as usual, as we feel they'd be much more usefull to others. And Kiwi has passed on this weeks argus shield.

Old rewards still unclaimed:
I still have several rewards from last week's raid, winners...don't forget to put up a city request for them if you want them.
(Since everyone above fair share that week has won something already, passes on these will not be re-rolled)
-lvl 32 epic impalers: Joycelina & Rastlin
-lvl 31 epic nightwalker: Iksor

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City Raid Event Info: 15-17 december Empty Lucky Winners

Post by Dessy on Mon Dec 18, 2017 2:54 am

The raid has ended. Thank you all for another great raid!
Endless 3 completed, quite far towards endless 4 =)

I'll start with the topscore improvements, extra epic rewards thanks to Kiwi!
Exactely 3 other players have set new records:
-The epic spider goes to Will, who set an amazing new personal record with 4950 points (old topscore 3415).
-The epic impaler will go to Lee, with 3715 points (3308 old TS)
-and the epic bow of light winner is Evilfish who broke 2K+ for the first time! (2010 points, old highest score was 1945)

Onwards to the top rewards, the most desirable rewards this week by far, are the mythical argus shield & mythical gold stitch, that Zarus generously offered.
The first requirement to have a chance was to cover at least your fair share, 20/24 players raided well beyond it. (2 inactive, 2 busy with lower scores).
A random number between 1 and 20 was selected with use of a random number generator to determine the winners. (4 out of the 20 players passed on the shield, 3 on the gold stitch, if their number was selected it would be re-rolled).

The mythical argus shield: #9: Congratulations to Jerith Geros!!!!
The mythical gold stitch: #17: Grats Moneybear!!!

Final random 1-20 draws, for the lvl 45 epic azure boots:
#6 Kiwi, #12 Esso, #2 Sparhawk, ...(#4,1,8:all pass, rerolled).. #13 Ko2  ..(#3, pass, rerolled)..  & #18 Highspar.
*Edit*: Esso & Highspar couldn't city request the boots, epic lvl 37 fire smashers have been provided as alternative reward (similar value).
Re-roll for the boots: #10 Ranrar & #11 Joycelina

Grats to all the winners!

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