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Raid Cycle Challenge #1: Prize List

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Raid Cycle Challenge #1: Prize List Empty Raid Cycle Challenge #1: Prize List

Post by Dessy Thu Sep 12, 2019 12:52 pm

The First Raid Cycle Challenge:
Extra prize draw, based on your raid score average of the last 11 raids  (7 June - 18 August): raffle (lottery) style, every 1000 points = 1 ticket

-1 Prize for every player: Everyone will get to choose 1 item from a prize list, with choice going in order of how the tickets have been drawn. So some patience will be required, but everyone will have some choice and hopefully get something they can use this way =)
As always, keep in mind you're free to do with the prize whatever you wish, that includes selling it for gems to buy other things that may be more desirable. Some prizes are worth a lot more gems than others, so choose wisely =)

*drumroll* The tickets have been counted, numbered & the draws have been done… (final results here). you can either love or hate the Random Number Generator for this one  Twisted Evil
Order of choice: Bachaan, Squark, k02, Danean, Highspar, Will, Evilfish, Matze, Filip, Jeeker,  Sandal2110,Joycelina, Fenton, Ranrar, Viniciro, Tzell, Courtney, Esso, Plop, LunaticX, Jerith Geros &  Ranklar.

-The Prize List:

Mythical Quality Items
-1x Mythical lvl 49 Stakeshooter (Gun, Revive I),  14725 power Claimed by Bachaan
-1x Mythical lvl 49 Dragonfire Potion (Potion, Magic Find) 12250 power Claimed by k02
-1x Mythical lvl 38 Night Spike (Spear, Speedrunner I), 8750 power Claimed by Will

-2x Mythical lvl 30 Relic Blade (Sword, Energetic III), 5750 power   Claimed by Fenton & Tzell
-2x Mythical lvl 30 Relic Hammer (Mace, Support I), 5125 power 1 Claimed by Courtney, still 1 available
-1x Mythical lvl 29 Ember Shield (Shield, No Skill), 4000 power
-1x Mythical lvl 28 Oiled Leather (Vest, Energetic I), 4875 power  Claimed by Squark
-1x Mythical lvl 26 Singing Chakram (Projectile, Healer I), 5250 power    Claimed by Joycelina

-1x Mythical lvl 23 Royal Uniform (Clothes, Support I with pack), 4500 power
-2x Mythical lvl 22 Frozen Helm (Helm, Protector I), 3750 power   Claimed by Esso & Jerith Geros
-1x Mythical lvl 21 Bone Spear (Spear, No Skill), 3125 power  
-1x Mythical lvl 18 Noble Plate (Armor, Support I), 3125 power  Claimed by Matze
-1x Mythical lvl 17 Plated Tunic (Vest, Leader I), 3000 power
-5x Mythical lvl 17 Luna Rod (Staff, Healer I), 3500 power   1 Claimed by Filip & Plop, still 3 available
-2x Mythical lvl 15 Moon Walkers (Footwear, Energetic I), 2500 power    1 Claimed by Highspar, still 1 available

Legendary Quality Items
-1x Legendary lvl 49 Stake Shooter (Gun), 5900 power  Claimed by LunaticX
-2x Legendary lvl 49 Dragonfire Potion (Potion), 4900 power  Claimed by Sandal2110 & Viniciro
-1x Legendary lvl 49 Archangel Gloves (Bracer), 4900 power  Claimed by Danean
-2x Legendary lvl 47 Obsidian Voulge (Spear), 4650 power
-1x Legendary lvl 47 Medusa Buckler (Shield, Stoneskin), 3900 power  Claimed by Evilfish
-3x Legendary lvl 46 Earthen Mail (Armor, Stoneskin), 3750 power
-1x Legendary lvl 45 Frostfire Barbuta (Helmet, Cone-of-Cold), 3650 power
-2x Legendary lvl 45 Abyssal Gauntlets (Gauntlets, No Skill), 2900 power
-1x Legendary lvl 44 Dragon Dust (Remedy, No Skill), 2850 power
-1x Legendary lvl 43 Elven Bow (Bow), 4100 power
-2x Legendary lvl 43 Royal Greaves (Boots, No Skill), 2750 power
-1x Legendary lvl 42 Pirate Armor (Vest, No Skill), 2650 power
-2x Legendary lvl 40 Balmung (Sword, Support II with pack), 4500 power 1 Claimed by Jeeker, still 1 available
-1x Legendary lvl 40 Midas Gloves (Bracer, Support II with pack), 3750 power Claimed by Ranklar

-1x Legendary lvl 39 Nordic Warfare (Gun, Commander I), 4350 power
-1x Legendary lvl 39 Death Grip (Bracer, Amazon I), 3600 power
-1x Legendary lvl 39 Oracle (Ring, Revive I), 3600 power
-1x Legendary lvl 39 Twilight Fists (Gauntlet, No Skill), 2400 power
-1x Legendary lvl 38 Evening Star (Mace, Lucky I) 3500 power
-1x Legendary lvl 38 Thunder Clap (Projectile, Thunderbolt), 3500 power
-2x Legendary lvl 38 Gaia’s Fortress (Armor, Commander I), 2900 power
-2x Legendary lvl 38 Shadow Lurker (Vest, Gangster I), 2900 power
-2x Legendary lvl 38 Dragonscale Gauntlets (Gauntlet, Crush), 2900 power
-1x Legendary lvl 38 Emperor Wand (Staff, Arch Wizard I), 3500 power
-1x Legendary lvl 37 Panacea (Remedy, Healer I), 2800 power
-3x Legendary lvl 37 Dragon Skull (Shield, Commander I), 2800 power
-1x Legendary lvl 36 Heart Piercer (Projectile, Gangster I), 3250 power
-2x Legendary lvl 36 Thunder Crown (Hat, Thunderbolt), 2700 power
-1x Legendary lvl 36 Betrayer (Dagger, Gangster I), 3900 power
-1x Legendary lvl 35 Lich’s Heart (Pendant, Revive I), 3100 power
-2x Legendary lvl 34 Runic Tiara (Hat, Arch Wizard I), 3000 power
-1x Legendary lvl 32 Shockers (Gauntlet, Resourceful I), 2750 power
-2x Legendary lvl 32 Apocalyptus (Mace, Energetic I), 3300 power

Epic Quality Items
-1x Epic lvl 55 Skofnung (Sword), 5175 power
-5x Epic lvl 54 Starfrost Skates (Boots), 4988 power  1 Claimed by Ranrar, still 4 available
-1x Epic lvl 52 Gungnir (Spear), 4800 power
-1x Epic lvl 50 Primal Dagger (Dagger), 4538 power
-1x Epic lvl 50 Primordial Trident (Spear), 4538 power
-1x Epic lvl 50 Black Crow (Vest), 3788 power
-1x Epic lvl 50 Gaia’s Heart (Pendant), 3788 power
-1x Epic lvl 49 Stake Shooter (Gun), 4425 power
-2x Epic lvl 48 Eggsplosives (Projectile), 3600 power

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