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Pixie's Raid Challenge Entries

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Pixie's Raid Challenge Entries Empty Pixie's Raid Challenge Entries

Post by Dessy Mon Aug 12, 2019 5:01 pm

I just finished entering the weekly city raidscores for Pixie's Raid Challenge (9-11 August raid).
There's been a pretty big change in how to submit entries: instead of uploading screenshots + short info, it now requires screenshots & inputting everyones exact raid score on a website ( )

I probably won't be submitting the scores for the city in the future anymore as a result, as in combination with our local city administration and weekly prize draws, it's starting to take a bit too much time for me.

If anyone would be willing to take over the Pixie's Raid Challenge entries for our city for the futureā€¦ I'd highly appreciate it & you can have whatever I'd win from it for the trouble. (25K+ raid entry almost every week)

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