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City Raid & Event Info: December 2019

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City Raid & Event Info: December 2019 Empty City Raid & Event Info: December 2019

Post by Dessy Fri Dec 13, 2019 12:17 am

City Raid & Event Info: December 2019 000rai10

Trade Wars: The Trade Wars event is once every 2 weeks, starting right after a raid ends.

City Raids:
The new raids take 160K points to complete, which means the new "fair share" of 1/25th of the points = 6.4K per player.
For players still below that: be aware that I will slowly start increasing the minimum towards it. details here in the 2nd post.

-Raid Cycle Challenge #3: 8 November - ???.
At the end of the raid cycle (normally 11 raids), I'll do an extra prize draw again.
Based on experience with previous years, I'm expecting the cycle will reset/end early with the start of the new year. So it may be 8 raids instead of 11.
Prize list will include at least one mythical city raid or similar level item again & lots of other nice items =)
Odds will be based on your raid score average of the 11 raids: raffle (lottery) style, every 1000 points = 1 ticket.
You can find your current average and scores on the event spreadsheet

City Raids:

6-8 December: Deadly Swarm (Ended)
-Random: 3x Epic lvl 40 Midas Gloves   Ranklar, Viniciro & Filip
-Random 6.4K+: Epic lvl 54 Starfrost Skates    Fenton

13-15 December: Wild Overgrowth (Ended)
-Random: 2x Legendary lvl 38 Shadow Lurker (Vest) Jerith Geros & Amuahari
-Random 6.4K+: Epic lvl 54 Starfrost Skates Ghosage
-and an extra Random 6k+ draw, thanks to Viniciro: Legendary Ocarina Tsumo

20-22 December: Rampaging Orcs (Current Raid) Raffle (lottery), 1000 points/ticket
-2x Legendary lvl 40 item of your choice: Balmung or Midas Gloves (Support II pack items) or Mystic Ring (Healer II pack item)
-3x Legendary lvl 30 Relic Blade (Energetic III)
-2x Mythical lvl 9 Moon Boots (Energetic I)
-Endless bonus, thanks to illatoriach!: 1 extra mythical lvl 17 Lunarod (Staff, Healer I, 3500 power) added to the prize pool per endless stage completed.

And the raffle results are in! Endless 3 completed so 3 rods have been added to the prize pool =)
141 total tickets collected & the RNG selected the following winners, listed on the right:
City Raid & Event Info: December 2019 Raffle30

Old Rewards Still Unclaimed:

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