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Teams Builds Empty Teams Builds

Post by Zarus on Fri Aug 10, 2018 8:35 pm


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Teams Builds Empty Re: Teams Builds

Post by Viniciro on Fri Aug 10, 2018 9:05 pm

I can also share team builds i curretly use:

First team leader is Alicia, second team leader is Lancoster, third team leader is Darthos, fourth team leader is Kuro Shinobi.

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Teams Builds Empty my build

Post by Dessy on Sat Aug 11, 2018 1:19 am

Ah I missed that in city chat =)
I don't mind sharing my build, but it's an ever changing puzzle depending on what blueprints players have.
I'm currently working towards revive teams & already have enough power to be flexible with teams so my current set up is a bit odd =P
I would not recommend copying it but suggest aiming for teams with support + 100% energetic + 90% healer + speedrunner + lootboosters.

I put a guide for questing for profit, with the items I started with here on our forum. It's in the member-only section and will become visible when players are logged in here.
It's an easy way to 100M+ profit per hour with very simple blueprints and low power teams that I've been using for a long time, and it can be increased to 1G+ per hour eventually with more advanced bp's. (beyond that for players with a lot of packs from the shop, could be a bit below it for players that are free to play)

My starter set-up was the following (free to play, just energetic & support + some 0% breakables to compensate for not having 7 support per team):
Teams Builds Starte12
I added every small lootbooster I could to that later: raccoon rangers, seeking tips, robin's hoods. And switched to kuro as leader instead of oddette to get all teams to 10%+ speedrunner with moonlight gauntlets. Added healer bp items when I got them and moved the 50% energetic heroes to a 90% healer team with kuro in the lead to compensate.
All the small lootboosters made a huge difference, 250M+/hour at the time free to play without item breaks with just wood-leather bp's and a few iron ones. (Could go a lot higher with DFP's & gold and higher chest blueprints)

My current build does include some items from a few packs I picked up later:
(image won't fit, but you can click on it for the full image to see the last slots or check it here for a slightly larger version: )
I hope it's readable, for some reason the image host downsizes the images...
Teams Builds Curren15

But those are what I'm currenly using for questing & raiding. 400+ items per run on the current DFP raid. currently 700-900M profit/hour on lower T2-T3 quests.
All teams also have enough power to run horns at max lvl (Team 1 with Kuro has enough power with 750K+ combined and 100% revive. Team 3 and 4 have a few heroes just below 150K, but their moonplate/robin's hoods are easy to switch for power items) but I'm usually avoiding horns due to low bp frags & profitability, only 100M/hour & very long injury downtime which would kill my income.
It's still a big work in progress, I'm aiming towards 4 revive teams with a lot more lootboosters and more speedrunner added to get to 1G+ per hour from questing. (And I'm still doubting a bit about the revive as it takes up way more item slots as healer. So 90% healer would allow for even more lootboosters & higher profits on the quests I usually run).
On a sidenote... healer of course only stacks to 90% =P some of my teams are a tad over-healered (& over-supported) atm.

small update, I'm up to 3 revive teams now (Oct. 2018), with some more speedrunner added:
Teams Builds 00buil10

I'm working towards this in the (very) long run:
Teams Builds 00buil13
4 full revive teams & a 5th smaller 90% healer team, each with 45%+ speedrunner/7 support/100% energetic & lots of lootboosters.
It's not the best build possible... just my personal solution to the skill puzzle that works with the blueprints I have & can get from chests. (I'm still missing the bp's with a red/green background) I haven't used any skill build optimizers, so I might be able to fit some more lootboosters in there somehow lol.
(And I wrote "team's loot:" on my sheet but it's only the bonus loot amount. For example on 2-5 yield missions, resulting in a base amount of 12-30 items per full team, Team 1 would bring back between 24-188 items).


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Teams Builds Empty Danean's Teams

Post by Danean on Fri Aug 23, 2019 10:29 pm

I had a request so I thought I would post my teams now that I have all 5 of them running at 70% speed runner.
This means that without any castle boosting I am cycling my teams every 25 min, including the time it takes to send them out, finish the quest, recover and be ready to go again. If I double boost the castle this time falls to less than 10 min.
With my current loot boosters I am bringing in around 350 items each cycle during the raids. I am still working on adding more boosters.

Here are the teams:
Teams Builds Heroes10

Here is a key to the skill items I am using and where to get them.
Teams Builds Key10

Most of them are chest items. A few came with the two hero packs, which I recommend everyone get, not only for the heroes but also for the very useful blueprints and the shop deco items which reduce all questing times, including raiding, by 10%. In addition, I purchased a couple of packs in order to get the speed runner and loot booster items I wanted.
The color corresponds to the quality of the item: blue=epic, yellow=leg, red=myth. The items in parenthesis are ones that I am working on filling in as my crafting and fusing times allow.

Note also that all teams are 90% heal and 50% energetic. This means that they recover in 3 min if there are no injuries and 24 min if anyone gets hurt. If a team is hurt I simply don't send it out during the next cycle. The three minutes of recovery time gives me time to look at and take care of my shop.

When I finally get the Volcanic Gauntlet BP from the Prime chest I will have all of my groups at 85% and they will be twice as fast as they are now. I only need 2000 more BP fragments if I don't get lucky with one of the keys we get each week Smile

Hope some of you find this useful. Please feel free to ask my any questions you might have.

Thanks, Danean


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Teams Builds Empty Re: Teams Builds

Post by Dessy on Sat Aug 24, 2019 12:45 am

Firgured I'd add & update mine as well as it's been over a year (before we had relic bp's & rising tempests).

Current build:
Teams Builds 2019te10
3x 100% revive teams, 1x 90% healer team, all with at least 60% speedrunner (and 100% energetic & lots of lootboosters)
Team 5 is my mini-team, will have 60% SR to match the others soon with a rising tempest & volcanic smashers. They can run raid at T3, but I'm also using them as back ups for injuries when needed =)
(lightblue background= group lootboosters. orange background= items I'll be replacing soon for more lootboost/SR)

About 10 items left to fuse, untill I start chasing the last 2 primal bp's (necro staff & mistlestein) I'd still need to make the build I have planned… 4x100% revive teams and a mini-team with 90% healer. It still still needs a bit of tweaking/puzzling as I'm a tad over-supported:
Teams Builds 2019te14

While I'm very happy with my build, I usually buy a few packs every year to sponsor development of the game. So I've been planning my final build with 2 more packs in mind (hallowed casket+maple potions) to make 85% SR teams:

Teams Builds 2019te13

By no means the best build possible, as I only have a few of the shop packs. With more packs, you'd have a lot of better alternatives. I'm just working with what I have.

(And while I'm building revive teams atm, I am still saving all my healer items, in case I'd want to switch back to that in the future, as it would allow me to squeeze in a lot more lootboosters and yield better results on the raid & more profit from (lower) quests as a result. Revive is very convenient and great for long injury time quests... but it takes up sooo many item slots =P Everything in red/purple= revive. With healer, it would take me 4 or less item slots per team)

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Teams Builds Empty Re: Teams Builds

Post by Dessy on Sat Aug 24, 2019 1:51 am

illatoriach's current teams:
Teams Builds 2019te15

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Teams Builds Empty Re: Teams Builds

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