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Efficient Starter Teams

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Efficient Starter Teams Empty Efficient Starter Teams

Post by Dessy Tue Jul 30, 2019 9:51 pm

While I've posted the free-to-play build I used when I started out in the team build topic, with the recent addition of relic hammers to the game things became a lot easier.
Especially with the new 200K raid, it was time for an updated version that does include those.

What this will give you: Decent easy free-to-play teams, that only use iron & lower chest blueprints.

-7 support per team: as long as you don't use any items above 5% breakchance, all your items will be safe.
Legendary items have a 5% max breakchance, so that's a perfect quality for low lvl skill items.

-100% energetic: No rest time in between quests unless your heroes get injured.
This gives you three 6-hero 100% energetic teams, as 3 heroes won't be able to reach it untill you can access gold level blueprints.(I've placed those seperately in team 5 to clarify, but you can add 2 of them to fill up team 4)

-90% healer: One highly efficient team lead by Alicia which has 90% healer. This reduces the injury (& rest) time by 90%.  
It's a pretty perfect base to build a very high power team that can run the higher quests for materials. (just be aware -90% injury time on horns is still 30+ hours)

The build
I've color-coded all the items and listed which passive hero skills are used. Make sure to check your heroes to ensure they have reached the correct level that unlocks those skills, as they are essential to make this work.
If they lack some levels, you can level them up quickly by buying exp for them by investing in their city building.

When it comes to skill items, you will have to own & master a blueprint, to get the skill benefit on your items.
I would reccomend starting with making the support skill items to prevent your equipment from breaking, add the leader item & energetic items after that. (You can do it one team at a time of course & just start with building team 1)
Any spots that are left open can be filled in as you want (just make sure it's <5% break chance items).

There are a lot of decent other great skill items you could add to it later, but this covers the basics. and even though it's low level items, many of them are still used in the best end game builds! That's how amazing their skills are =)

Efficient Starter Teams Newsta12

-Keep in mind for team 4 to reach 7 points of support, you NEED to add Fiora. Your items will not be completely safe without her.
You could alternate between taking Fiora & Fransesca so the team has 6 points of support which will be reasonably safe. But play it safe & never put any expensive/rare gear you can't afford to lose on heroes that are running in teams that do not have 7 support.
(You can keep gear safe with a lower amount of support, but you'd have to consider skills like supplier, resourcefull, fastidious, and actual item break chances to calculate how many points would be safe... which is too advanced stuff for a quick and easy starter teams guide.)
-Another nice thing to know is support's item saving works in the order of the heroes on your team (left to right). So the leader's gear is safest, the 2nd heroes gear will be saved after that, 3rd.... and so on. So if you have a very rare/expensive item and want to play it really really really safe... put the hero with that item on spot #2 (if he/she isn't leading) when you send your team away =)
(The leader of each team is the first hero listed, they each have special leader-only skills that improve the power of their team)
-Team 1 has one point of extra support, so you can replace one of the support items on them for something else if you wish.
(But keeping a bit of extra support can come in handy: if a hero gets injured… for example Oneira that adds 2 points of support, the team would be down to 6 points. But adding Fransesca for the next run with 1 support as a replacement, would bring it back up to 7)
-To get the last three 50% heroes  to 100% energetic, you'll need some higher lvl blueprints: They can all use relic blades and mega-elixirs, or you could use an oiled leather on irene, an evil seal on fransesca and an apocalyptus on Fiora.

-For more advanced tips & item reccomendations to improve this build with, check my "questing for profit" guide in the member-only section (slightly outdated, but the basic info is all still good).
The team builds topics both here and on the official forum to see how more advanced players have been building their teams (always great for ideas!) or just ask away in city chat or our discord channel =)

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