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(Non-Raid:) City Bug Catcher Net Crafting Event

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(Non-Raid:) City Bug Catcher Net Crafting Event Empty (Non-Raid:) City Bug Catcher Net Crafting Event

Post by Dessy Fri Apr 17, 2020 10:50 pm

Local City Bug Catcher Net Crafting Event
Everyone has received the new lvl 21 Bug Catcher Net (Staff) blueprint for free recently.

I’m adding a small local crafting event to it, as it's a pretty nice item with the energetic III skill.
I’ll be giving away 1 mythical version of the Bug Catcher Net, ¬†as a random draw between everyone in the city that has mastered the blueprint before the end of this month.

Participation is optional, just post a screenshot of having the blueprint mastered in this thread or on the city discord channel ( ) if you're interested =)

Entries: Jerith Geros, Ranklar, Falagrum, Viniciro, Amuahari, Squark, Fenton.

The RNG has just selected the winner for the mythical Bug Catcher Net: grats to Amuahari!

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