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Raid Events & Competitions

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Raid Events & Competitions Empty Raid Events & Competitions

Post by Dessy Mon Dec 18, 2017 4:13 am

Raid Events & Competitions in the City
Every weekend we have some friendly competition in the city for a few small prizes. The basic info is always in the Mayor’s Message tab when a raid starts, and winners are listed there on monday.
The mayor's message is very short, so raid and prize details (and prize winners if the list is too long) are always posted here on the forum.

If you won something, you can make a city request to recieve your prize.
Winners are free to do with their prizes as they wish: If it's not an upgrade for your heroes, you can always sell it for gems or use it for fusion =)
(If extra prizes have been provided by other players, Need Before Greed can be an additional requirement)

I always try to make sure that prizes have a value of at least 20gems each. Higher gem values & usefull skill items are always my priority when it comes to prizes, rather than very high level items.
Reason for that being: an epic lvl 49+ dragonfire potion, etc. might sound nice to some players, but value wise they're <20gems. Whatever lower level item you get here as prize will be far more valuable, so you can always sell it & use those gems to buy one or several of those high level epics if you'd prefer those =)

General information about city raid events, such as raid requirements, personal topscores, raidscore averages, raffles explained, etc. can be found on our website:

oh, and final note.. I usually try to include extra information like skills on items, but keep in mind you will have to own and master the blueprint yourself before a skill on an item will work. And gem values are merely an indication, the trade house values fluctuate a lot. (and especially if 10+ identical items are given out at the same time it might temporarily lower the item price).

Players passing on extra city raid rewards:
If for any reason you would not be interested in winning any items below a certain gem value, and want to automatically pass on those, just let me know. (Passing on certain qualities is an option too of course, but keep in mind populair epics can be worth ~200 gems).
Should you be auto-passing and see some interesting rewards you would like, just let me know or post that you would like a chance at those before the raid ends & the draws are done =)

Passing on everything: Dessy, Illatoriach, Trosdan, Ranrar, Ranklar & Squark.

Raid Order
There are 11 different city raids, that come by in the order below. Ocassionally the cycle might be reset early (last time that happened was with new year). I usually try to plan the bigger raffle events with legendary items & Endless bonus prizes on the x3 loot raids. Which makes it a bit easier to unlock more endless stage bonus prizes =)
The  "?" in between are the smaller event and prizepool weeks, usually epic items random/top+random/layered.
Ana at the end of every raid cycle there's an extra prize draw, lottery style, with odds based on your raid average of all 11 raids.

Raid Events & Competitions 00raid15

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