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City Requests, Basic Info

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City Requests, Basic Info Empty City Requests, Basic Info

Post by Dessy Fri Dec 15, 2017 3:09 am

City Requests
Every member is free to use city requests, overall we’re a pretty helpfull city.
If your requests aren’t getting fulfilled, it’s usually because no one has the blueprint to craft what you’re asking for, or because you’re asking for something that requires a lot of fusion time.

Common Conversions:
Many of our players use the city requests to downgrade items to common quality, because commons are quite desirable for fusion. (1 common + 1 flawless = ~30% chance at epic)
If you see a request for 15 common quality items from a neighbour, it means they are looking for help to downgrade the quality of the items they have already crafted themselves.
All you have to do to help out is copy their city request, they will fill it with the good+ quality items they crafted (which downgrades them to the quality requested). After you recieve the items, you give them back to the crafter by filling their request.

If you're looking for help to convert your own items down to common quality, just put up a city request for your neighbours to match & don't forget to mention it in city chat to alert us to it.

Misuse of the city request function to steal another player's items has never (succesfully) happened here before. Should anyone ever have a problem with another member that didn't return items from conversion, or offered an item trade but never gave you what they promised in return, please let me know so I can take action.
Scamming attempts, such as a player placing fake city requests for high value raid rewards they haven't won (trying to trick me into filling the wrong request), have resulted in a few city removals in the past.

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